Chakras Reactivated (ages 42-49)


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Paraliminal Audio (Chakras 4 & 11)

by Sharlene Young

Release and reframe statements for reactivation of the chakras for those aged 42 to 49 years. Paraliminal audio features different chakra release statements in each ear. Perfect for use in a RET session.

The paraliminal audio used in one or more of these audio files confuses the conscious mind by simultaneously presenting different audio to each ear – and thus, each brain hemisphere. This state of confusion over the entirety of the audio tends to overwhelm the mind and set it in a much more suggestible state (called working somnambulism). This gives release statements more effect. Doing the RET wand work process with the release audio file can give the whole process an enormous boost.

Best used in RET Sessions with a qualified RET Technician.

Important Notes about this product:

  • This audio MP3 file is intended to complement rather than substitute for proper medical or psychological care.
  • This audio MP3 file includes hypnotic imageries. It is not intended for use while driving or while operating or using dangerous equipment or tools. Please use caution as this audio MP3 file may induce altered states of consciousness.
  • To maximize your experience with this product, we recommend sessions with a certified Rapid Eye Technician.


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