Hi, I’m Sharlene Young, Master RET Trainer and creator of the “Clearing Your 12 Chakras” series. I have worked with clients in private practice and facilitated Rapid Eye Technology, Skills for Living, Reiki, Life Coaching, and professional Continuing Education trainings for over 25 years.

Based on my extensive training and experience, I’ve designed audio imageries and exercises to focus on and clear the cause of energy blocks and counterproductive patterns in your mind-body system. By simply listening while relaxing, you can use the power of these MP3 audio files to free yourself from your limiting beliefs.

Feeling stuck in your job? Feel like you sabotage your own efforts? Want more fulfillment from your relationships?

Using my 12 Chakras audio MP3 audio with Rapid Eye Technology, you can now quickly and painlessly release or change impaired energy patterns in your own subtle energy system to create what you’d rather have in your life. Changing energy patterns may be the most effective way to reclaim health and natural vitality – in all areas of your life!

Rapid Eye Technicians – enhance your RET practice with audio imageries and processes that complement the RET process to heal the entire mind/body system. Click here to learn about the human subtle energy system and how you may incorporate this into your RET practice. Your clients will thank you.