Tenth Chakra Educational Manual


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Chakra Education Series – Everything is an energy pattern that creates your health and sense of well being. As you understand how to process your energy patterns differently you are able to ground your energy circuits to the Earth and to your Source, allowing the creation of new energy patterns to manifest your spiritual purpose.

In every healing modality, including the medical model there are no absolutes or guarantees. Everyone’s experience in healing is different and perfect for their higher learning. I believe if one person can let go and heal, that means we all can. – Sharlene Young

Learn about this symbolic system for understanding the human psyche, the physical body, and its associated emotional states.

This chakra is processed first because it was created first and holds all issues we came to experience in this lifetime. Processing this is essential because it holds all family issues, critical components in uncovering abuse or abuse patterns, weight issues, avoidance issues and disassociation
from self.

Most people cut themselves off from this chakra because it holds the most painful things we came to experience. If tenth chakra isn’t functioning well, client may experience being ungrounded or dizzy and confused about your life’s purpose. Continue working with this chakra until client feels grounded to Earth and connect to Source.

Accompanying Rapid Eye Technology (RET) sessions highly recommended.


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