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Why Clear Your Chakras?

Let’s look at what we hold in each chakra. Check out my store for the “Clearing Your 12 Chakras” series audio MP3 files that address each chakra.

Tenth Chakra

This chakra holds our spiritual purpose for being here and our ability to manifest in the physical world. Issues associated with this Chakra: Confusion, ungrounded, stuck, not wanting to come or be here, unable to connect to life purpose, unable to separate your feelings from others, lack of daily energy, problems with feet, ankles, legs, weight, adrenals, avoidance, feeling spacey, paranoia or schizophrenia, disassociation.

  • Developmental Ages: Pre-birth, 35-42 years

The challenge at this developmental age is to connect with true identity through our experiences with work, relationships and lifestyles. Midlife crisis during this period assists us to look again at, Who am I?, What have I come to experience for my highest purpose?

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